Progressive Die Stamping of a Steel Boom Bracket – Chicago, IL

As an industry leading provider of progressive die stamped products, Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company has the capabilities to stamp complex tight tolerance components, quickly and economically. This front boom mounting bracket, manufactured for a repeat customer in the audio/visual industry, fully utilized these capabilities.

Front Boom Bracket

The customer specifications call out the use of .075″ commercial quality cold rolled steel for fabrication of this part, which measures 8.3″ in length, 3.0″ in width, and 2.0″ in height. The design also calls for the creation of compound angular forms, with critical dimensions for the mounting holes. This bracket is stamped on our 200 ton press, which allows us to maintain tolerances of ±0.005″. All dimensions and tolerances are verified throughout production with dimensional and visual inspections. Annual production for this component is 50,000 pieces per year with lead times of 2 to 4 weeks. We also maintain a 100% quality record on all 5 components of the interactive white board mount assembly.

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Highlights of this Progressive Die Stamping Project

Progressive Die StampingCapabilities Applied/Processes:
  • Primary: Progressive Die Stamping
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part:
  • 200 Ton Press
Tightest Tolerances:
  • ±0.005″
In process testing/inspection performed:
  • Maintain critical dimensions as specified by customer throughout production run.
Industry for Use:
  • Audio/Visual
  • 50,000 EAU
Delivery/Turnaround Time:
  • 2 – 4 Weeks
Delivery Location:
  • Chicago, IL
Standards Met:
  • Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name:
  • Front Boom Bracket
Overall Part Dimmensions:
  • 8.3″ Length x 3.0″ Width x 2.0″ Height
Materials Used:
  • .075″ CRS CQ
Industry for Use:
  • Audio/Visual

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