Metal Stamping of a Steel Dimpled Annular for the Automotive Industry

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Steel Dimpled Annular

The project highlighted here is for an automotive industry customer, and was designed for use in an exhaust system. This ring shaped automotive component is also known as a 4” dimpled annular, and requires not only precision die stamping, but the durability to stand up to very harsh conditions.

Composed of standard cold rolled steel (ASTM A1008 CS Type B), manufacturing required the use of multiple precision dies due to the end user (our customer) not wanting to incur an initial high tool cost for a progressive die.

The raw material is initially formed with blanking dies, which is followed by embossing and extrusion dies. These latter two processes required execution by pressing the material in opposite directions, which was strategically accomplished by innovative tooling design.

The finished part features dimensions of 3.890” in diameter and 0.500” in height. With precision tooling, the required tolerances ±0.002” were easily achieved. The finished component was measured and inspected in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management program. This project resulted in production runs of 12,000 parts per year.

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Highlights of this Metal Stamping Project

Product Description:
  • Exhaust Component
Capabilities Applied/Processes:
  • Primary:
    Metal Stamping
Blank Die, Extrude & Emboss Die:
  • Progressive Die
Overall Part Dimensions:
  • Diameter: 3.890″
  • Height: 0.500″
Tightest Tolerances:
  • ±0.002”
Material Used:
  • ASTM A1008 CS TYPE B – Steel Alloy
Material Finish:
  • Raw/Machined
In process testing/inspection performed:
  • Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection
Industry for Use:
  • Automotive
  • 2,000/yr
Delivery/Turnaround Time:
  • 2-3 Weeks
Delivery Location:
  • Nebraska
Standards Met:
  • Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name:
  • 4″ Dimpled Annular

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