Quality Assurance Department at Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company

Staying competitive today requires more planning and foresight than ever before. What was good enough yesterday is not good enough today. And what is good enough today will not be good enough tomorrow.

At Manor, we believe that quality products of high reliability are not created on the plant floor, they are created in the engineering, design and tooling stages. It is here that quality products become competitive products, and it is here that one metal fabricator is distinguished from another.

Our quality engineers and inspectors work closely with our tooling and development engineers to build quality in from the start. We then follow parts through every manufacturing process, including subcontract and outside specialty services, to assure that every aspect of the part is correct to your most demanding specifications. We are constantly improving processes and procedures for every product and building our experience into every new production run.

Quality AssuranceQuality AssuranceQuality Assurance

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