Military & Defense

Since 1959, Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company has evolved from a small tool and die shop into a trusted world-class metal stamping & fabrication company. We specialize in punching, bending, forming, and deep drawn stamping for orders ranging from prototypes to high-volume production runs.

The military and defense industry turns to us for versatile, cost-effective solutions. With our decades of experience, we can deliver quality metal stamped components using advanced materials that can hold up in demanding military environments.

Metal Stamping in the Military & Defense Industry

Military applications require tools, equipment, and vehicles that are built to exacting standards with no room for error. Military specifications (MIL-SPEC) require extreme precision, durability, and resistance to environmental and situational factors like heat, cold, pressure, impact, and more. At Manor Tool, we are proud to offer high-quality military metal stamped parts that meet these stringent requirements. 

Metal Stamping Services for the Military & Defense Industry 

We offer a range of metal stamping services to meet the needs of each military & defense applications. These include:

  • Tooling. This is the process of designing and engineering the specific tools and dies that will be used to manufacture your components. 
  • Blanking. The blanking process uses a die to cut the workpiece from a base sheet of metal. This is typically the first step in the fabrication process.
  • Drawing. The sheet metal is pressed through a tapered die, using tensile force to make a specific shape. At Manor Tool, we specialize in deep drawing, which is used to create shapes with depths that exceed their diameters.
  • Forming. Forming involves reshaping metal through the use of tensile stresses and compressive force. Common types of forming include bending, coining, flanging, and more.
  • Grinding. This is a finishing process used to smooth edges and surfaces for aesthetic, safety, or functional purposes. 
  • Plating. This is the process of covering a component with a thin layer of metal to enhance appearance, improve corrosion resistance, reduce friction, increase magnetism, and more. 
  • Powder Coating. Powder coating is applied via electrostatic spray deposition to enhance the appearance or to protect the component against abrasion, corrosion, scratching, and general wear and tear. 

Metal Stamping Applications in Military & Defense

There are a variety of defense components that can be produced through metal stamping processes. These include:

  • Brackets
  • Clips
  • Bushbars
  • Compression Limiters
  • Fuse Boxes
  • Crush Bushings
  • Fuse Flips
  • Housings
  • Hose Clamps
  • Inserts 
  • And More

Military Grade Materials

Military components must be made with strong, durable materials. Depending upon the application, that material may need to be conductive, heat resistant, impact-resistant, and more. At Manor Tool, we work with advanced military materials to create reliable parts:

  • Copper. Copper is known for its inertness, ductility, malleability, heat resistance, and conductivity. Common military applications include casings for electrical components, explosive detection equipment, nuts, and bolts.
  • Brass. Brass is highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and malleable. Since this material consists of zinc and copper, it features the beneficial properties of both, making it ideal for military applications such as grenades and ammo.
  • Steel. Steel is a durable, formable, and versatile material suitable for weapons applications, protection components, ammunition, and more. 
  • Stainless Steel. Durable, corrosion-resistant, and tolerant of extreme temperatures, stainless steel alloys are a popular choice for a range of military parts. 
  • Aluminum. This material offers good thermal and electrical conductivity with a high strength-to-weight ratio. It is commonly used for military vehicles, armor, and artillery.
  • Titanium. Strong and corrosion-resistant, titanium has a high strength-to-density ratio and offers low thermal expansion and a high melting point, making it a good choice for missiles, military aircraft, and armor plating.
  • Platinum. Platinum is stress-resistant and can tolerate both hot and cold temperature extremes. 

Choose Military & Defense Metal Stamping Services at Manor Tool

Manor Tool has decades of experience in precision metal stamping, and we maintain a large facility with top-of-the-line tools and equipment to ensure we can manage any military metal stamping project that comes our way. Each of our specialized departments features highly-trained professionals dedicated to creating cost-effective, high-quality solutions for your unique applications. Contact us to get started on your military metal stamping project or request a quote today.