Custom Deep Drawn Stamping of Steel Terminal Box Cover

Using aluminum killed, draw quality, cold rolled steel, this terminal box was developed using our deep drawn stamping process and hard tooling provided by our customer.

Deep Drawn Stamping

As a special feature, a 3.6 inches, tall drawn shell was manufactured. The terminal box measured 5.4 inches long, 4.4 inches wide, and 3.6 inches, tall, with a material thickness of .042 inches (19 gauge). Throughout the process, the tightest tolerance maintained was +/- .003 inches. Sanding was applied as a secondary process, and the entire project took three to four weeks to conduct.

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Highlights of this Deep Drawn Metal Stamping Project

Product Name:
  • Deep Drawn Terminal Box
Capabilities Applied/Processes:
  • Deep Drawn Stamping, Hard Tooling
Tightest Tolerances:
  • +/- .003
Material Thickness:
  • .042″ (19 gage)
Product Length:
  • 5.4″
Product Width:
  • 4.4″
Product Height:
  • 3.6″
Product Weight:
  • 1.25#
Cutting Method:
  • Hard Tooling
Base Material:
  • Cold Rolled Steel, Aluminum killed, Draw Quality
Special Feature:
  • 3.6″ Drawn shell height in one operation
Secondary Operations Applied:
  • Sanding & piercing
Industry for Use:
  • Commercial garbage disposal cover
Delivery Time:
  • 3-4 Weeks
Drawing Type Accepted:

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