Metal Stamping Videos

Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company provides metal stamping, deep drawn stamping, and progressive die stamping services for projects of all sizes. We design and machine all dies and hard tooling in-house. Once your part is manufactured we can provide additional welding and assembly services to for a more complete component. Finally, all parts are subject to rigorous inspection before being approved for shipment. The videos below will help you gain a better understanding of the full range of services and capabilities that Manor Tool can offer.

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Progressive Die Metal Stamping

Progressive Die Metal Stamping Video

Video of the progressive die metal stamping process using a 400 ton press with compact servo feed line. Shows material being loaded and fed and then a multi die stamping process.

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Deep Drawn Stamping

Deep Drawn Stamping Video

The deep drawn stamping process forms metal into cup or cavity shapes using a press. This video shows how an automatic material feed system can be used in the deep drawn stamping process.

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Progressive Die Stamping with in Die Tapping

Progressive Die Stamping with in Die Tapping Video

We can tap your parts during the progressive die stamping process to save time and money on each part you produce. This video shows a brass part being threaded as it is manufactured.

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Metal Stamping with Robotic Automation

Metal Stamping with Robotic Automation Video

We can create metal stamped parts using automated work cells. Our robotic arm “Freddy” moves the parts from one press to the other to decrease cycle times.

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Turret Press and Press Brake

Turret Press and Press Brake Video

Our turret press is capable of punching up to .250″ thick sheet metal. Our press brake can bend material and create forms based on your requirements.

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Metal Stamping Die Design and Machining

Metal Stamping Die Design and Machining Video

At Manor we do all stamping die design and machining in house. We design the tooling for the stamping press with our CAM software and machine the final die components on our Haas CNC machines.

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Metal Stamping Die Maintenance

Metal Stamping Die Maintenance Video

We perform regular in house maintenance on our metal stamping dies to ensure continued quality and process reliability. Each die is visually inspected cleaned of debris, and refurbished as required.

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Custom Manufacturing Inspection Services

Custom Manufacturing Inspection Services Video

Manor can design and build custom testing fixtures to verify critical dimensions and loads required for your parts. Our operators will check 100% of the critical geometry.

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Metal Stamping Material Capabilities

Metal Stamping Material Capabilities Video

Our wide range of metal stamping equipment is capable of processing thicknesses from .005″ to .500″, and widths up to 35″ of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

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Final Inspection of Metal Stampings

Final Inspection of Metal Stampings Video

All metal stamped products are subjected to a final inspection. An “Accepted by Quality Control” ticket is included in each box that passes inspection.

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Custom Assembly Services

Custom Assembly Services Video

Video of the custom assembly process for a stainless steel spring loaded bracket. The product assembly allows for faster overall component installment down stream.

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Welding Services

Welding Services Video

Once your initial component has been stamped, we can provide mig, tig and spot welding services to complete your component assembly. Save cycle time and money by manufacturing your components in one place!

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