Metal Stamped Parts for the Oil & Gas Industry

Manor Tool & Manufacturing has been providing custom metal stamping to the oil and gas sector—as well as the fluid power sector, aerospace field and other industries—since 1959.

For the past six decades, oil and gas companies have been coming to Manor Tool for metal-stamped components that meet and exceed petroleum industry expectations for high-quality, corrosion-resistant metal pieces. If you’re seeking durable, cost-efficient metal-stamped parts for all of your exploration and production needs, our end-to-end in-house processes can provide the equipment support to help your oil and gas business grow.

Premium Stamped Parts for the Oil & Gas Industry

From valve-sealing components to system-critical brackets and connectors, the oil and gas industry requires highly customized, highly precise metal components for pipeline and facility productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Metal stamping, which involves punching or stamping sheet metal into the exact measurements and designs required, provides exactly what you need, when you need it, and in the exact specifications required for your niche applications.

And because the oil and gas industry’s technological advancements change rapidly, your business can experience numerous advantages with metal stamping in comparison with other manufacturing processes:

  • You can react quickly to advancements in design changes.
  • You keep costs down after the initial tooling, design, and setup because the same die can be used repeatedly to manufacture your component parts for oil & gas systems.
  • You get highly durable pieces that can withstand the major temperature fluctuations, highly corrosive environments, and intense pressure often seen in the petroleum industry.
  • Your oil equipment components avoid the typical nibble marks and non-continuous edges seen in components created with other manufacturing processes.

This need for precision manufacturing, high durability and quick turnaround is one reason why the oil and gas sector is one of the biggest drivers of growth in the metal stamping industry.

Some of the common oil and gas-specific pieces often forged via metal stamping include:

  • Brackets
  • Connectors
  • Fasteners
  • Handles
  • Heat exchanges
  • Nuts (e.g. hex nuts, weld nuts, etc.)
  • Oil country tubular goods (OCTG)
  • Pressure valves
  • Sealing components
  • Umbilicals
  • Washers
  • And much more

With the metal stamping services from Manor Tool, you’re also able to obtain components in a variety of metals best suited for the oil and gas industry, including:

  • Carbon steel: It’s very strong and, when coated or chemically treated, it’s resistant to corrosion.
  • Stainless steel: It resists corrosion and has high strength properties.
  • Copper: Because of its thermal and electrical conductivity, it’s ideal for oil and gas applications like seals and valves.

Other materials available through Manor Tool include plastics, nickel, brass, aluminum and more. You also have the option of working with a wide range of metal thicknesses from 0.005 inches to 0.5 inches.

Services Available

We provide several key services to the oil and gas industry.

1. Deep Drawn Stamping Services

When you need tubes, pumps or other cylindrical or box-shaped objects, deep drawn stamping services transform flat metal sheets into precise three-dimensional industrial components.

Compared to other manufacturing processes, your final component is made from one continuous piece of metal. Since there are no seams, grooves, or joints, your component is more resilient and is less prone to leaks, failures, or weak points.

2. Progressive Die Stamping Services

Manor Tool specializes in progressive die stamping, which passes the same metal sheet through various workstations to create highly complex, extremely precise metal components.

Compared to other manufacturing processes, the advantages of using progressive die stamping include highly efficient production speeds, quick setup, and in-depth quality control.

3. Metal Fabrication Services

Beyond metal stamping, we can also provide your oil and gas business with common metal fabrication processes like extrusion (ideal when forming wiring or similar petroleum industry components), punching, welding, and drilling.

Learn More About Manor Tool’s Metal Stamping Offerings

Our metal stamping services provides you with:

  • Durable, precise, and customized metal components that can withstand the rigors of the petroleum industry.
  • Efficient, quick turnaround that keeps up with the fast technological advancements seen in the oil and gas industry.
  • A variety of specific metal stamping services, materials, and options to fit any and all of your project needs.

For more information about how Manor Tool & Manufacturing can help, contact us today or request a quote. Our team will be happy to discuss your project and how metal stamping can help your oil and gas business be more productive, more efficient, and more resilient in a constantly changing field.