Metal Stamped Parts for OEMs

Metal stamping offers a fast, cost-effective method for producing parts and machinery in high volumes, making it an excellent solution for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). At Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company, we are leaders in creating custom precision metal stamped parts and components for OEMs. Our wide selection of materials, equipment, and secondary services allows us to create solutions catered to the exact needs of your project.

What is an OEM?

OEMs create parts and components for use by other companies to produce their final products. While there are OEMs across many industries, the term is commonly applied to the automotive industry. For example, an OEM might manufacture manifolds, catalytic converters, or exhaust system brackets which an auto manufacturer then purchases to assemble into vehicles before being sent to dealerships for sale.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

There are major differences between OEM and aftermarket parts. OEM parts are made specifically for the original product, while aftermarket parts are made by another company and are commonly used as replacements to original parts. While aftermarket parts may be less expensive or easier to obtain, OEM parts are made to precise specifications and feature consistent quality and functionality, whereas aftermarket parts may vary in quality and performance.

Short Run or High Production Volumes

At Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company, we offer metal stamping in both short run and high production volumes to meet the needs of customers both large and small. We work with various materials, including aluminum, brass, nickel, carbon steel, copper, and plastics, and our production methods include coining, compound die, progressive die, pierce die, deep drawn, and more to produce stamped parts and components catered to your exact needs.

Short Run Metal Stamping

Short run metal stamping generally involves production of fewer than 5,000 parts. Our short run stamping capabilities are suitable for applications across a wide range of industries from automotive and aerospace to construction, electronics, and more. If you project requires short lead times and quick delivery, short run production may be the best option for you.

High Volume Metal Stamping

High volume metal stamping involves production of greater than 5,000 parts at a time. High volume metal stamping is great for major industries such as automotive and aerospace as it offers speed, minimal waste, quick setup, repeatability, versatility in materials and stamping techniques, and lower costs per part.

Choosing Manor Tool for Your OEM Metal Stamping

OEMs greatly benefit from metal stamping as it offers quick turnaround times and low costs. At Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company, we have decades of experience in metal stamping and deep drawn stamping using a variety of materials and techniques. As a leading provider of custom stamped parts and components, we will work with you to create a solution for your exact needs. To learn more about how our metal stamping capabilities, or to get started on your next project, contact us or request a quote today.