Progressive Die Metal Stamping on 400-Ton Press Video

Progressive die metal stamping uses a continuous feed of material passing through multiple stations to form complete parts. This video shows our Bliss 400-ton press setup with a compact servo feed line. The 12″ coil steel is loaded onto the arbor and placed into the feed line. The material is then fed at a constant speed into the stamping press. In the press, we have set up a 5 station progressive die to form the components.

As you watch the video you can see the material changing shape after each stamping and movement. The progressive die process performs incremental changes to the part as it passes each station and sends the completed part down a chute at the end of the line. Our advanced metal stamping presses have capacities from 22 to 400 tons, allowing us to achieve tolerances of ±.0005” in parts such as those shown in this video. In addition to the parts shown here, we work with a number of other materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, brass, and copper.

After completion of the progressive die process, the parts are ready for inspection. We manufactured 50,000 of these components and shipped them to Chicago, IL for final assembly. If you are interested in learning more about progressive die metal stamping services, the process involved, or the value added services offered by Manor for our customers, you can contact us here. You can also watch additional videos about our range of services on our videos page here.

What Is A Progressive Die?

A progressive die is broken into many different sections. It is among the most frequent, fastest methods offered for producing piece parts. Progressive dies are generally regarded as the customers property. When designing parts for Progressive Die Making, it’s important to keep in mind that every step be kept as easy as possible.