Deep Drawn Stamping Video

This deep drawn stamping setup uses our Bliss 150-ton press connected to an automatic material feed. The parts are 3.56″ deep steel covers with two indentation features, and a pinch trim cut edge type. They are used for an industrial garbage disposal, in the garbage disposal, water products, and plumbing industry.

Our operator removes each deep drawn part from the machine, disposes of excess scrap, and inspects it for quality. The parts are then packed for delivery. We manufacture 20,000 annually of these deep drawn parts and ship them to their final destination in Wisconsin.

Manor offers a range of deep drawn stamping services for our customers. With presses up to 400 tons and a number of different press strokes available, we can fit the needs of many applications. We are able to accommodate custom dies from 48” wide and 96” long and offer a number of customizable services to match the specific needs of our customers.