Metal Stamped Parts for the Energy Industry

The energy industry consists of several sectors that are responsible for the production, sale, and transmission of energy. Typical methods of power transmission consist of electrical, mechanical, and fluid power. Both hydraulic and pneumatic technologies use fluid to convert power and transmit it from one location to another. Oil is the fluid that powers hydraulics, while gas powers pneumatics, usually in the form of compressed air.

Manor Tool is a proud provider of metal stamping services for those in the fluid power and energy sector. Metal stamping forms sheet metal into a design using one or more dies to cut, pierce, or otherwise shape the material into the desired part. We offer prototyping, metal stamping, contract manufacturing, coating, and assembly capabilities with a unique understanding of the needs of fluid and power applications.

Stamped Parts for Fluid & Power Applications

The complex engineering of the power industry’s hydraulic and pneumatic systems requires high-quality stamped components. Metal stamping is the ideal design choice to ensure aesthetic qualities and part longevity through a variety of pressure, temperature, and moisture conditions.

Metal stamped components offer advantages such as durability in various environmental conditions, precision machining, and superior aesthetics. Our metal stamped parts serve the energy industry’s rigorous demands with best-in-class engineering, exceptional tool and die techniques, superior quality, and strict adherence to delivery timelines.

Having a metal stamping partner with experience in the energy industry provides several advantages. Creating robust metal stamped parts for the fluid and power sector requires a deep understanding of the appropriate types of materials for various uses, as well as the types of finishes that will stand up to extreme heat, high pressures, caustic atmospheres, and corrosive fluids. Providing high-quality metal stamping can boost the sustainability and efficiency of hydroelectric, wind, and solar power applications.

The appropriate metal stamping material for any application is determined by the desired qualities of the finished part. Most metals continue to be malleable and ductile even after stamping. Precision stamping utilizes metals with a low coefficient of flow and a range from soft to medium hardness to create parts such as valve components, washers, brackets, and mounting flanges. 

Some of the best materials to use for stamped metal parts for the fluid power and energy sectors include:

  • Precious metals. Gold, silver, and platinum
  • Ferrous metals. Particularly iron-based alloys like stainless steel
  • Non-ferrous metals. Bronze, brass, and zinc
  • Non-standard alloys. Beryllium nickel, beryllium copper, titanium, and nickel-based alloys

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Manor Tool can provide stampings for high-volume as well as short-run production. A short-run production is one that results in less than 5,000 parts. Since short-run stamping requires only a small amount of material, it results in lower production costs, fast lead times, and quick delivery. It is ideal for prototypes, test runs, seasonal items, specialty goods, or limited edition products where it doesn’t make financial sense to invest in permanent tooling.

Our team has years of experience, knowledge, and expertise, allowing us to provide many services for a variety of applications. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility also offers the following:

Quality Metal Stamping for the Energy Industry

The energy industry requires durable components that can withstand demanding conditions. Stamped metal components lend themselves to the extremes of temperatures, pressures, and moisture. Manor Tool is not only highly qualified but highly experienced in producing parts for the fluid and power sector. We understand the demands of the industry, the appropriate materials and finishes for each application, and the safety and quality guidelines with which they must comply.

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