Manor Tool’s 330 Ton Komatsu Servo Press Setup is Complete

Manor Tool continues to invest in technology that will better serve our customers. The goal is to maintain an up-to-date facility that evolves continuously, and provides the efficiency and high ROI that customers expect.

As you may know, this year we had the pleasure of installing a brand new 330 Ton Komatsu Servo Press in our facility. With this new servo press investment, we knew that an updated feed line, complimented with servo technology, would be required to have a complete setup for 2018.

So today, we are excited to announce that our 330 Ton Komatsu Servo Press setup is complete.  The 330 ton Komatsu press is up and running,  available for immediate use, and has been equipped with a COE SpaceMaster Compact Coil Line, to complement the servo press’ capabilities and increase our overall capacity.

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What Does The COE SpaceMaster Compact Coil Line Bring to the 330 Ton Komatsu Press Setup?

The COE SpaceMaster Compact Coil line is one machine that combines the jobs of unwinding, straightening, and feeding coil stock. Instead of requiring several different components that need to all work in tandem, the compact coil line provides an efficient, “one-stop” solution to the feeding operation. The condensed setup of the processes within the machine lends itself to a smaller machine floor footprint, creating space efficiency as well as operational efficiency.

Similar to the Komatsu press, the feed-straightener portion is also guided by servo technology and can process a larger range of materials than typical feedline setups. With this servo driven feed, Manor can now engage with heavier-gauge metals and higher strength materials (like the ever-evolving advanced steels commonly referred to as “designer steels”).

From an operational standpoint, the COE SpaceMaster Compact Coil Line also allows for a shorter, more effective timeline. It offers both a faster pilot release, and allows for more accurate piloting timing. Due to the servo technology’s ability to maintain constant working energy throughout the job, the press can dwell in position or automatically adjust in real time, saving time typically used for manual adjustments.

What are The COE SpaceMaster Compact Coil Line Specifications?

Machined Model: CCL-S3-15040
Max. Material Width: 38″ Maximum
Min. Material Width: 3.93″ for 40″ – 64″ Models
Thickness x Width: .250″ x 10″ Wide
Thickness x Width: .125″ x 38″ Wide
Production Speed: 60 FPM
Coil Weight: 15,000 Lbs.
Coil O.D.: 64″ Maximum
Coil Guiding: Dual Roll Coil Guide Assembly
Loop Control: Photo-eye Loop Control
Feeder Drive: Closed Loop Yaskawa Servo
Passline Adjustment: +/-4″ – Powered Adjustment

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