New 330-Ton Servo Press Installed & Photo Gallery Available At Manor Tool

Manor Tool is excited to announce the installation of a brand new 330-ton servo press in our Schiller Park, Illinois, facility. This press will serve as an important addition to our shop’s advanced metal stamping capabilities.

Incorporating state-of-the-art AC servo drive technology with two variable speed motors, 330-ton servo presses facilitate high-precision metal stamping down to the micron, expand design possibilities with multi-stroke capabilities, and increase the operating life of the die — all while reducing energy consumption, tonnage costs, and maintenance downtime.

The Benefits of Servo Technology

Designed for flexibility, our new mechanical servo press allows for high-quality performance in transfer, manual, and progressive die stamping operations. Maintaining a constant working energy throughout each job, the press can either dwell in a position or automatically adjust the slide velocity in real time. These features allow us to restrike workpieces and add multiple metal-stamped features within the same production run. Servo technology also obviates the need for high-maintenance mechanical components like clutch-brake units.

The machine itself features a heavy-plate, rigid-frame construction for enhanced durability, allowing it to operate in just about any shop environment. It has an increasted memory capacity, so once the press has been programmed the first time, highly repeatable stamps are achievable thereafter, requiring minimal setup from an operator. Multiple gear reduction, meanwhile, allows for greater torque capability. Our new press will help streamline overall production operations, thereby optimizing output and product quality.

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Join Us for the Servo-Installation

Because of the sheer size and weight of the press, the installation process was very labor-intensive, but Manor is thrilled to have joined the “servo revolution,” and we’re looking forward to offering our clients all the benefits of advanced servo-driven technology.

To sneak a peek at some of the scenes from the installation, and learn more about our press, click through the photo gallery above. 



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