Stamping Simulations for Sheet Metal Forming

While prototype creation is highly beneficial in designing parts and detecting errors before production, it can be time consuming and costly. Metal stamping simulations are an ideal solution, removing the need to produce real products and prototypes to run tests. This process enables engineers to utilize specialized software to simulate the formation of sheet metal. Rather than discover errors in early production runs, stamping simulation makes it possible for engineers to find and eliminate many issues before machining a component.

What Is Sheet Metal Simulation?

Sheet metal simulation is a versatile tool that can benefit a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical.

By saving suppliers time and money, sheet metal simulation makes it easier to develop and test new products. This technology makes it possible for engineers to detect design errors before production, as well as facilitate the design process, enabling engineers to test how different materials will function and react to one another when the product is machined. Additionally, engineers can take advantage of stamping simulation software to explore different tool design options and more accurately predict which designs are likely to have the highest success.

It is important to note that sheet metal simulation depends on many factors to function properly. The more information the software has, the more accurate its simulations will be. Inputting the desired sheet metal and running through every step in the machining process will enable the simulator to set realistic expectations.

Benefits of Metal Stamping Simulations

Cost Effective

Sheet metal simulation helps manufacturers save money by detecting errors, identifying the most appropriate material, and determining the most efficient and economical machining process for a component. As a result, engineers don’t spend as much designing the part and are less likely to redesign it at a later date.

Additionally, stamping simulation reduces the forming severity of the part and creates less scrap. This ultimately results in cost-savings, as there is less material required to produce the part.


Simulation software enables manufacturers to test different materials and detect potential issues before a production run, which means the production run itself is more efficient. Components are less likely to require costly, time consuming redesigns, and there is less of a need to spend time testing dies and materials. Stamping simulation makes it easier to design a part that can be formed more efficiently, cutting down on wasted time.

Low Stress

While prototyping can be stressful and frustrating, metal forming simulation can drastically reduce this by eliminating many of the more expensive, time consuming aspects of the testing and design phase. In fact, metal forming simulations can reduce or fully eliminate the need for prototyping. As there is no need for guesswork during the tryout process, there is a reduced likelihood of unforeseen problems and an overall reduction in the frustration that often accompanies component design.

Higher Component Strength

Certain types of crash simulation software can perform virtual testing to determine the strength of the final product. This, in combination with the ability to test different types of materials before committing to a production run, makes it easier for engineers to make alterations to the part design to create higher amounts of strength as needed.

Access to Detailed Component Information

In addition to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, metal stamping simulation software provides an immense amount of information about the design. It can indicate structural weaknesses, such as areas where the metal may wrinkle, tear, or buckle. This software also provides information regarding:

  • Part thickness
  • Forming severity
  • Strain distribution
  • Blank holder pressure
  • Springback tendencies

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