Manor Expands Production Capacity with New Deburring Machine Work Cell

Manor serves a variety of clientele, so it is vital for us to constantly keep up with the latest technological advancements and offerings to help our customers with all their project requirements. As a result, we are always acquiring new machines to stay flexible and competitive.

We’ve previously introduced you to “Freddy,” our robotic work cell designed to dramatically reduce cycle times and add innovation to our automated metal stamping processes. We’ve also talked about our C5 Express Press, a high-tech turret press, a more cost-effective option for smaller order sizes such as prototyping and initial development.

We are now proud to present the Hammond Roto-Finish HR-17CPT, our new deburring machine work cell.

It features a working capacity of 12 cubic feet (481 liters), heavy duty welded steel construction with a certified pressure vessel tank head that operates as the main building component of the bowl, and a polyurethane lining, with an additional 50% lining in high wear areas.

These features increased our capacity, allowing us to vibro-deburr more parts, using one of our four different types of ceramic media. We can now vibro-deburr a larger capacity, including larger and heavier parts, and have expanded our overall weight capacity (800-1,200 lbs.)

The Hammond Roto-Finish has a U-shaped curved wall processing bowl, a full 90° wrap-around separation screen, a pneumatic operated discharge gate with a manual pneumatic valve standard. This design allows us to change various deburring media quickly and efficiently. This is a significant improvement over our old deburring machine, which required us to separate parts from media via magnets, and change out media manually.

Thanks to the Hammond Roto-Finish, we can now produce more parts with less handling. A new jib crane also leads to more efficient loading and unloading of parts and different media, easing the burden on our operators, which increases safety measures throughout our facilities.

Previously, we had to add soap and water manually, which had led to some rust and corrosion of parts if it wasn’t handled correctly. We also needed to dry parts in dusty corn cob in a mixer. This was a very labor-intensive process. Parts that run through the Hammond Roto-Finish are cleaner and require less labor. Water and soap are now automatically programmed into the system. Added to the cell was a new Holland spin dryer to eliminate the dusty corn cob drying process. The new Holland spin dryer quickly heats and dries parts. This allows us to package cleaner and dryer parts faster for shipment.

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