Advanced Metal Stamping Capability Coming Soon to Manor Tool

Manor Tool is proud to be a top manufacturer of quality American made stamped parts and components. As part of our commitment to innovation and our customers, Manor Tool is adding a new 330 ton servo press to our shop.

komatsu_servo_press.jpgA few benefits of the new 330 ton servo press are:

  • Increased strokes per minute resulting in increased throughput
  • Better process optimization
  • Multistroke capabilities, allowing for the restriking of various metals and advanced high strength steels
  • Repeatable accuracy down to the micron

Manor Tool is excited to be adding the new press to our shop and all the added benefits that will be available to our customers once it is installed.

Stay Tuned!

We will be providing additional updates once the press is installed including videos of the new press in action. If you would like more information about how our new 330 ton servo press can benefit your stamping project, please contact us today┬╗

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