Precision Metal Stamping Services

Metal Stamping

For six decades, Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company has built a reputation as one of the leading providers of professional and reliable metal stamping services. We specialize in punching, bending, forming, and deep drawn stamping of metal parts and components for numerous sectors including the automotive, aerospace, construction, consumer goods, and electronic industries.

Our modern facilities are equipped with more than 30 presses up to 400-ton, as well as other equipment capable of manufacturing thousands of stamped parts daily. We have the capability to stamp a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, and plastics. Manor Tool also provides a broad range of supplemental fabrication services to see our customers’ designs through from concept to final assembly.

Deep Drawn Stamping

Our deep drawn stamping services are ideal for precision stamped parts in the medical, agricultural, alternative energy, and automotive industries, among others. Our high-tonnage presses can accommodate custom dies from 48 inches in width to 96 inches in length, allowing us to meet the demands of high-volume production runs on a variety of part sizes.

Our deep drawn stamping services can produce the most complex hollow cylindrical shapes with part thicknesses ranging from 0.005 inches to 0.5 inches. We manufacture numerous deep drawn components for countless applications, including beverage cans, plumbing fixtures, appliances, lighting fixtures, and battery casings.

Progressive Die Stamping

At Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company, we focus on providing a full range of precision progressive die stamping services for both small and large scale production volumes. All our tooling design and manufacturing are performed in-house, eliminating the need for third-party manufacturers. We utilize state-of-the-art computer design software, including AutoCAD and Unigraphics, to custom design our precision tooling.

Our CNC Machining and Wire EDM cutting tools produce final die and tooling designs with tolerances within 0.0005 of an inch. We specialize in building both single and multi-station progressive dies with capacities up to 400 tons, capable of producing parts up to 48 inches wide and 96 inches long.