Manor Tools’ Kaizen Events Take on

Manor Tool has been holding Kaizen Events at our facility for a number of years. Kaizen, literally translated as “change for better,” is the Japanese philosophy of constant improvement.

We use Kaizen Events to help streamline our processes, increase safety, and improve efficiency. The benefits are clear to us, our customers and now we get to share with our friends at

In the manufacturing industry, there is always a constant struggle in the balance of cutting costs, while increasing efficiency. As technology advances, the work floor changes, and so too does the way we design and manufacture products.

How to Use Kaizen Events to Optimize Manufacturing

So to help our fellow manufacturers with these on-going issues, we utilize a new technique that has been old-hat to Japanese and Chinese cultures: Kaizen’s continuous improvement. 
See how’s article can help you make such improvements to your facility as it has ours.

Looking for the eBook? Click here to download: How to Use Kaizen Events to Optimize Manufacturing. In this guide, we share the history and application of Kaizen events, along with specific day-to-day examples.