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  1. 3 Key Characteristics of a Successful Metal Stamping Partnership

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    An important decision for any business to make is choosing the right partners. When it comes to the metal stamping industry and its many applications, factors such as company history, scope of capabilities, and a focus on innovation are vital elements to consider in any potential partner.

    Here are a few essential characteristics to look for when deciding on the right partner for your next metal stamping project.

    Company History

    The company you choose for your metal stamping partner should possess a strong portfolio and established history of working with challenging yet successfully completed projects. It’s also important for the values of a potential partner to be aligned with yours, providing transparency in their processes and methods of operation.

    Scope of Capabilities

    Metal Stamping Design Review

    While a potential partner should have expertise in the techniques of metal stamping, they should also offer value added services that extend beyond their core practices. For example, Manor Tool began strictly as a tool and die shop, but now we also specialize in forming, bending, punching, and deep-drawn metal stampings. We provide a wide range of capabilities, which means we never outsource projects to a third party. This increases efficiency and saves costs in the long run.

    Focus on Innovation

    The manufacturing industry is rapidly changing, and a strong partner will be ready and prepared for whatever the future brings. Modern equipment and processes such as automation can greatly increase efficiency and reduce long term production costs. With a metal stamping partner that employs the latest manufacturing techniques, you’ll continue to receive high quality components that can help you to stay ahead of the competition.

    Manor Tool: History, Scope, & Focus

    Manor Tool and Manufacturing has a long and proven history of delivering successful, quality metal stamped parts, a broad scope of services, and a deep commitment to staying at the forefront of innovations in the manufacturing industry.

    Our full range of services includes metal stamping, deep drawn stamping, progressive die stamping, custom tooling and fabrication, machining, manufacturing design and engineering, and finite element analysis.

    To learn more about the qualities of an ideal business partner, download our eBook, “Choosing the Right Partner for a Successful Metal Stamping Project” today.

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