Metal Stamped Parts for the Medical Industry

Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of custom components. We use a precise metal stamping process to create various designs using materials, such as brass, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and plastics. Utilizing a die or series of dies allows for precision cutting, piercing, and shaping of sheet metal. Transfer stamping allows for free-flow movement of the workpiece between separate machines.

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, we service customers in a variety of industries. The medical sector relies on our versatile processes to manufacture stamped parts for medical devices. We offer high-quality components and parts for medical equipment, allowing no room for error. Attention to every detail is always a priority.

Our work creating durable parts that support safe operation in the oil and gas industry offers a good perspective on our capabilities. Our metal stamping processes create critical seals, connectors, and more for this sector.

Manor Tool & Manufacturing offers a quick setup, fast turnaround, and high repeatability rates for long production runs. Our versatile range of capabilities can help you to produce high-quality parts at cost-effective rates.

Stamped Parts for Medical Devices & the Healthcare Industry

The demand for high-quality medical instruments is growing exponentially. Innovative technological advances are fueling demand for stamped parts used in medical devices. Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company utilizes metal stamping procedures to remain competitive while offering medical providers a product designed with precise accuracy.

Creating surgical tools with extremely tight tolerances is an ongoing challenge for the machining industry. Using our advanced metal stamping presses, we have the capabilities to produce minuscule, complex shapes following exact close-tolerance specifications.

Accuracy is of the utmost necessity when working with stamped parts for medical devices. Quality affordable medical device components have become essential for promoting positive health outcomes. All parts of medical equipment must be engineered with precise tolerances to ensure patient safety is not compromised.

Medical providers take advantage of our services to manufacture the following components and parts for medical equipment and devices:

Surgical Tools and Instruments

Laparoscopic surgery relies heavily on perfectly cylindrical jaw housings. Metal stamping produces these components well within the specifications of the healthcare industry while reducing costs in comparison with standard machining processes. Manor Tool can create precision metal stampings using materials that range in thickness from 0.005 to 0.500 inches, allowing for a low cost-per-part.

Surgical devices such as forceps, cannulas, drill components, and retractors can also be manufactured using the metal stamping process. As automated medical technologies continue to advance, the need for stamped parts for medical devices will only increase. Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company is ready and able to meet the demand.

Enclosures for Medical Devices

Materials for internal use must be hypoallergenic and able to resist corrosion and bacterial growth. As such, medical devices and components used for permanent implantation in the human body are made almost exclusively from titanium, which can be easily stamped. Device enclosures are used to shield permanent implantable mechanisms and are required on medical products such as pacemakers, cochlear devices, drug pumps, and internal defibrillators.

Implantable Components

Medical devices that require implantable components such as brackets, clips, clamps, and battery cases. Smaller than the tip of a scalpel or a fingernail clipping, these tiny components can be manufactured using precision metal stamping techniques. Even the smallest pieces can be stamped to fit into small device enclosures and ensure precision accuracy with every part.

Services Available

Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company offers a vast array of services to meet the needs of our clients. In addition to metal stamping manufacturing, we also offer deep drawn stamping, progressive die stamping, and metal fabrication services.

We create hollow axisymmetric components using the deep-drawn stamping process. Deep-drawn stamping can produce cylindrical and box-shaped products such as sinks, automotive parts, plumbing fixtures, beverage cans, and much more. Deep-drawn stamping allows us to manufacture unlimited household and industrial products in an economical and accurate way.

Our company specializes in progressive die stamping services using our portfolio of advanced in-house equipment. Our state-of-the-art press brakes, turret presses, and other machinery allow us to take products from initial development through high-volume production without missing a step.

Our metal stamping and other related services encompass can accommodate parts used in a variety of industries. We frequently work with demanding and complex sectors such as automotive, energy, and aerospace.

Medical Metal Stamping From Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company

Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive plan for all your medical metal stamping needs. To learn more about our capabilities and how we can help with your medical device manufacturing project, please contact us or request a quote  to discuss your particular needs.