Construction Tools

Since our establishment in 1959, Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company has gained renown as a leading metal stamping company. Our expert team specializes in metal stamping and fabrication – several of our core specialties include bending, punching, forming, and deep-drawn stamping services. We meet our construction tool industry customers’ unique requirements from prototyping to the production stage.

Metal Stamping & Fabrication Services for Construction Tools

Metal stamping is the process of forming sheet metal into specifically requested designs using a stamping die or multiple dies to pierce, cut, and ultimately shape the metal workpiece. Meanwhile, metal fabrication services comprise a variety of metalworking processes, including drawing, forging, punching, extrusion, drilling, and more.

In addition to our in-house metal stamping and fabrication services, Manor Tool can source secondary plating and powder coating services, which construction tools often require. We have experience providing services to help produce a wide range of construction tools, including nailers, fasteners, staplers, and others.

Metal Stamping & Fabrication for Construction Tools

The experts at Manor Tool use metal stamping and fabrication solutions to create a variety of tools for use in the construction industry.

Some of the specific tools we help manufacture include:

  • Hand tools. These may include pliers, wrenches, struck or hammered tools, striking tools, files, cutters, vises, snips, and screwdrivers, among others.
  • Power tools. These include tools that run on electric motors and other power sources, with applications such as drilling, sanding, shaping, cutting, and more.
  • Pneumatic tools.  Also known as air tools, pneumatic tools are among the many tools we help produce, including pneumatic drills.
  • Any other tools that require any number or specific form of metal stamped parts.

Additionally, our team has plenty of experience stamping and fabricating metal parts for nail guns.