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  1. A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Deep Drawn Stamping Process

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    Since 1959, Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company has been fabricating metal components for a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, and consumer goods. With a specialty in high-quality metal stamping, Manor Tool can create anything from a one-off prototype to a high-volume run requiring progressive tooling.

    Manor Tool’s deep drawn metal stamping services include standard cylindrical and axisymmetric shapes as well as box-shaped items. We can make modifications to meet each customer’s unique needs, such as coining, curling, extruding, and embossing. Our shop is also ISO 9001:2015-certified for quality, and our process has been established to produce finished parts to tight tolerances that meet or exceed customer specifications.

    The Process of Deep Draw Stamping

    The deep draw process is necessary for parts with a depth that exceeds their diameter, like beverage cans, deep pans, assembly housings, and other containers. A blank piece of sheet metal is positioned over a die, and a punch is used to force the metal into the die and create a custom shape. Once the die is made and tooling set, the process is relatively inexpensive, especially for high-volume production, because it can be completed with minimal downtime or maintenance.

    From start to finish, the deep draw stamping process is as follows:

    1. Engineers provide a design.
    2. Our Engineers review the design and determine whether the part can be created with Manor’s fleet of more than 30 400-ton presses.
    3. We consider the ideal thickness, shape, and radii of the finished part and what will work best based on customer specifications and our expertise. Typical parts we create are between 0.005 and 0.5 inches, with extremely tight tolerances. We can also make dies up to four feet wide and eight feet long.
    4. We implement Finite Element Analysis, or FEA. This allows us to virtually create the part using the final design and accurately simulate the entire manufacturing process. Any problems with design or tooling can be easily discovered and changed before it costs time and money.
    5. Based on material requirements, we select the right flat metal sheet. Options include aluminum, brass, copper, and steel.
    6. As part of set up, Engineers note the depth of the part and the degree of radius. They position the die and punch properly on the press. The metal sheet, or blank, is placed on the die.
    7. The punch is applied against the die with force, which shapes the workpiece as desired. This process is repeated to produce the correct depth and size.

    The finished part, having been created from a single sheet of metal, is strong and seamless. The precision of the process allows it to be completed quickly, for less technical labor costs and quicker turnaround times.

    What Can Be Made From Deep Draw Stamping Metal?

    Metal stamping is widely used to manufacture a wide range of parts, and deep draw stamping produces parts with depth greater than the diameter. Commonly produced items from the deep draw stamping process include panels, tanks, containers, sinks, automotive parts and pots or pans for kitchen use.

    Some types of parts or items are more likely to be produced via deep draw metal stamping:

    · Parts that must be produced at high volume. Deep draw stamping works quickly and efficiently once it has been set up, making it ideal for longer runs.

    · Parts that must be water- or gas-tight. The one-sheet process is seamless.

    · Parts that must be produced to tight tolerances. Metal stamping has high accuracy and can be set to tolerances as low as ±.0005 in.

    · Parts that have complex, axisymmetric shapes. The die and punch create these geometries more quickly and accurately than many machining processes.

    · Parts for which cutting or welding would be undesirable from a durability or aesthetic standpoint.

    Quality Metal Stamping at Manor Tool

    Deep draw metal stamping is an ideal process for cylindrical or axisymmetric parts that can be manufactured quickly to tight tolerances. While anything from a prototype to a small run to high-volume manufacturing can be completed using deep draw metal stamping, it is most cost efficient for large production runs. Once the tooling is set, the process runs quickly and with little required oversight.

    Manor Tool’s ISO 9001:2015 certified quality control processes at every stage of production ensure that a high quality finished part fits all specifications. Not only can our pre-production process identify inefficiencies before work begins, but we can assist in determining the ideal shape, thickness and materials to use for best results.

    To learn more about our deep draw stamping services or to get started on a project, contact us today or request a quote.