Proud to be a Part of Harley Davidson’s 110 Year History

There’s going to be a big party in Milwaukee this summer–Harley Davidson is celebrating its 110th anniversary. Manor Tool & Manufacturing is proud to be a sub-contractor for this American manufacturing success story. Any motorcycle enthusiast will tell you that the Harley Davidson V-Twin engine is synonymous with torque and that unmistakable rumble that you can hear miles off. This American icon has transformed and grown as America has transformed and grown, and through it all one thing has remained the same, quality and craftsmanship.

Harley resized 600

I grew up around Flatties, Knucks, and Panheads, and though I would be hard pressed to give up my Electraglide for a tank shifter and foot clutch, a V-Twin is still a V-Twin. The key to Harley Davidson’s success is more than just image; today’s riders demand world class quality and cutting edge designs. Harley has been able to deliver both without forgetting its roots.

A motorcycle, as with so many complex machines, is a collection of subassemblies. No one manufacturer can do it all; they must rely on trusted vendors to supply them with the parts and pieces. To be a supplier to a company like Harley Davidson, a vendor must possess an equally high commitment to quality. Manor’s quality program is based on a culture of continuous improvement. Manor knows that quality is a moving target; to maintain it takes commitment and vigilance. Delivering defect free parts is what has made Manor a trusted vendor for numerous customers who demand precision and quality. Harley Davidson, as with so many modern manufactures, lives and dies by the quality of their products.  Doing business with suppliers with a robust quality program is not just a good business strategy; it’s essential.

AmFlafManor’s focus on quality and defect free products has led them to be awarded the ranking of 61 in Quality Magazine’s Top 100 quality leaders. Manor’s quality program is based in their ISO 9001:2008 certification. Their ISO certifications apply to an impressive list of manufacturing capabilities, including the manufacture of precision metal stampings, deep drawn stamping, machined components and assemblies, and the design and construction of tooling.

Quality, craftsmanship, and a dedication to providing customers with the best products available have made companies like Harley Davison and Manor industry leaders in their fields.

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