Metal Stamping Trends for 2019

According to international market research and consulting expert Grand View Research, global demand for metal stamping products and services will reach $299.63 billion USD by 2025. This trend is partially driven by the increasing variety of metal stamping applications in the automotive, industrial machinery, and consumer electronics industries. Similarly, increased reliance on sheet metal applications will support growth and innovation in these same industries.

Despite the increasing tariffs on imported Chinese materials and goods such as steel and aluminum, the U.S. manufacturing sector is showing signs of positive job growth. With no end in sight yet for the ongoing economic negotiations between the two countries, it’s more important than ever for OEMs and manufacturers to consider reshoring and tooling transfer initiatives to diversify their supply chains and minimize potential disruptions down the line.

Key Metal Stamping Trends

Metal Stamping Design ReviewMetal stamping is a cost-effective process that allows manufacturers to meet customer expectations without risking profits. A diverse group of industrial manufacturers use metal stamping to control costs while delivering superior products.

  • In the automotive industry, passenger vehicles use metal stamped parts to maintain safety standards and control consumer costs.
  • In the aerospace industry, metal stamped parts facilitate the production of ultralight planes that use less fuel.
  • In the solar industry, metal stamping makes it easier to deliver power to impoverished areas with few options.
  • In the agricultural industry, farmers use metal stamped parts to decrease their repair and maintenance costs for automated processing equipment.

Metal stamping also supports a range of important processes that allow manufacturers to customize the look, fit, and function of the products they create. These processes include:

  • Embossing
  • Blanking
  • Bending
  • Coining
  • Flanging

Besides these trends, these factors directly impact the growth and benefits of metal stamping.

  • The popularity of sheet metal continues to rise in the manufacturing sector. Businesses find sheet metal to be a flexible and dependable material when compared to other options.
  • With the lower material costs, manufacturers that use sheet metal can produce their pieces with less investment. By using metal stamping techniques, industrial businesses will realize higher profits.
  • The increase in industrial metal stamping is driving competition, collaboration, and innovation among manufacturers. As businesses see the value of these methods, more manufacturers are offering these services to their clients.

Custom Metal Stamping Services from Manor Tool & Manufacturing

At Manor Tool and Manufacturing, we work with customers from a diverse range of businesses to create quality components right here in the United States. We’re committed to continuing to make America’s manufacturing and industrial sectors strong through our commitment to reshoring initiatives. To learn more about how a tooling transfer can help ease the potential for disruption in your supply chain, download our guide Everything You Need to Know About Transferring Tooling.

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