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Manor Tool’s 330 Ton Komatsu Servo Press Setup is Complete

Manor Tool continues to invest in technology that will better serve our customers. The goal is to maintain an up-to-date facility that evolves continuously, and provides the efficiency and high ROI that customers expect.

As you may know, this year we had the pleasure of installing a brand new 330 Ton Komatsu Servo Press in our facility. With this new servo press investment, we knew that an updated feed line, complimented with servo technology, would be required to have a complete setup for 2018.

So today, we are excited to announce that our 330 Ton Komatsu Servo Press setup is complete.  The 330 ton Komatsu press is up and running,  available for immediate use, and has been equipped with a COE SpaceMaster Compact Coil Line, to complement the servo press’ capabilities and increase our overall capacity.

komatsu image_final.jpg

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