Custom Fabrication of Steel Flat Screen Wall Mounting Assembly

To manufacture this ceiling tray assembly, cold rolled steel and CQ were cut using hard tooling. In order to ensure adhesion, heat was properly applied during spot-welding.

Steel Wall Mounting

Simultaneously, welds were monitored for aesthetic appeal, smoothness, and proper depth. The tightest tolerance held during this process was +/- .0025. The material measured .075 inches in thickness, 26 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 1.13 inches tall. The custom fabrication project took three to four weeks to complete, and is appropriate for flat screen wall mounting.

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Highlights of this Custom Fabrication Project

Product Name:

  • Ceiling tray assembly

Capabilities Applied/Processes:

  • Hard Tooling, Cutting, Welding

Tightest Tolerances:

  • +/- .0025

Material Thickness:

  • .075" (14 gage)

Product Length:

  • 26"

Product Width:

  • 26"

Product Height:

  • 1.13"

Product Weight:

  • 14#

Cutting Method:

  • Hard Tooling

Base Material:

  • Cold rolled steel


  • Stack

Special Feature:

  • Proper applied heat and dwell during spot welding must take place to assure adherence and at the same time welds that are aesthetically smooth and shallow.

Secondary Operations Applied:

  • Spot welding, MIG welding, dressing of welds

Industry for Use:

  • Flat screen wall mounting

Delivery Time:

  • 3-4 Weeks

Drawing Type Accepted:


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